First, contact me about your project. After we've discussed it, upload your files to my server. Then, I'll master the songs and upload audio files for you to download, listen to and approve or request revisions. This communication is usually done through email.


My current turnaround from receiving the files to posting a first version for you to hear is usually about 2 weeks. But if you’re under a tight deadline, I’ll do my best to move things around to accommodate you. A rush fee may be added for extreme cases.


I prefer to leave some dynamic range to the music. My opinion is that the master is your final, archival version of your music, and this should be reflected in the sound. I want to provide you with a master that you’ll want to hear in 20 years, after the loudness wars blow over. It’s a simple fact that pushing the mixes past a certain point makes them sound worse, and it pains me to do this. That being said, please let me know if maximum loudness is a priority for you.

Preparing Your Files

I can accept WAV or AIFF files for mastering. These should be stereo interleaved files, preferably at 24 bit and 44.1kHz or higher. Please don’t limit your mixes, and try to make sure there is no clipping or distortion on them. Leave a little headroom for me to work with. You can upload your files to my FTP server, use my Sendpace dropbox, or send me a CDR/DVDR through the mail. Please prepend the two-digit track number to your file names:

  • 01_hey_jude.wav
  • 02_paint_it_black.wav
  • 03_moby_dick.wav

This way I can see the track order without having to refer back to an external document.